Shoot’em Ups roundtable

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in a panel on “Matamarcianos” (as the genre was known here in Spain) or Shoot’em Ups, sharing the table with people like Marcos “The Elf” GarcíaVander Fujisaki, Victor Manuel Martínez Garcia “Chiconuclear”, Ramón Nafria “Nae”, Raúl Rubio from Tequila Works y Francisco Javier Loscos.

The roundtable has taken place in the Retro Madrid area in Madrid Games Week, held these days in Madrid.

Hobby Consolas website has a post about it, what an honor!

Many names came to light, including my dear R-Type and Xenon 2 Megablast, plus games like Blood Money, Menace or Bedlam, the games that we had to settle for PC users in the late 80s and early 90s.

Later on, we talked about Danmakus or Bullet Hell games and modern shoot’em ups like Sine Mora, Syder Arcade or the upcoming PS4 launch title: Resogun.




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