Indie day on Madrid Games Conference

Yesterday I had the honor of participating in a new round of the Madrid Conference Games Conference , organized by the School ESNE.

Shared the day with three other speakers: Henar León, Social Media Strategist de ESNE, Daniel Santos, cofounder of Stage Clear Studios, and Juan Carlos Caballero ‘Adonías’, Mondopixel founding member, editor of the magazine Retro Gamer Spain and director of Retro Madrid.


In my talk I tried to highlight that indie phenomenon has always existed , from independent studies of the 80s. I wanted to tell the little story of creative freedom studies , which are not new , they have existed since 8 bits era.

I ended up giving a few tips for developers who plan to embark on independent game creation , I focused mainly on the importance of marketing , PR and added development costs that are not taken into account , especially when you are developing for consoles , such as translations, payments to different age rating agencies, development kits, etc.

In ESNE website you can find the news article about that day: and an article after finishing the talks:

You can see the video with all the talks ( in Spanish ) :

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